Hi, glad you made it, what took you so long!

Welcome to my website where you can see a little of what I do as a freelance journalist & photojournalist.

I find it hard to sit still and chill so I'm usually found chasing the next rad shot or getting the low down on what's happening out there in the world of extreme sport; when I'm not doing that, I'll be hanging out with my son and riding BMX, sometimes racing against other crazy 45+ guys who should know better!

If you do see me chilled out and resting, don't panic and call for help, I'm really using the time to think, plan and plot the next move .....

So am I just another guy with a camera and notebook? Hell no!

I've been shooting motorsport at national and International level for three years, a year of National downhill MTB racing and currently in my third year of BMX racing and park BMX photography etc. In that time, I've published hundreds of articles and get a real buzz from being involved with some of the best......and watching those youngsters getting into their sports.

The boring, but important bit.....I carry professional indemnity and public liability insurances including £5M cover for trackside working at event.

This is just a snapshot of what I'm able to offer, I also do lifestyle and portrait shoots, documentary work etc. If you can't see it here, but want to know more, give me a call or drop me a line.....I don't bite!

Thank you for looking.......

John Evans

E: john@i2ipix.co.uk T: +44 07787557873